Developer platform requires a medium plan or higher
What can you do with the Jsonify developer tools?

We've built Jsonify as a developer-first API-driven platform.

Wherever possible, we've built Jsonify with Jsonify, and we're excited to see what people are doing with our data transformation and agent AI systems. Below are some of the usecases our developer platform allows.

Consume auto-updated JSON page data APIs

Create a data API in the UI, and consume it with a HTTP GET.

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Turn any page to structured data

On the fly, import any page by URL and output data.

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Control an AI cloud browser agent.

Spin up an AI browser agent, and command it in real time.

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Build a dataset automatically.

Provide a dataset structure and use an agent to populate data.

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Consume auto-updated JSON APIs

Our developer API allows easy integrations with internal and public tooling. It's easy to create, monitor and update site-specific scrapers programmatically.

And you don't have to worry about your integrations failing! Our machine learning models automatically adapt to changing page designs. As long as the data is still there somewhere, you won't notice a thing.

Turn any page to structured data

We hate scraping data manually. So we built Jsonify.

Unlike other page-monitoring services, we don't just look at the page visually. We use advanced AI models to extract the meaningful information from the page.

Our API allows you to provide a specific page URL, as well as an extraction data schema, and transform the page to data in real time

Command and control an AI browser agent

We've created an AI agent that can navigate a fully-enabled Chrome browser, clicking, typing, and looking at the page the same way a human does.

And with our API, you can give it a plain-text command in English that it will follow. It's easy to securely integrate it into your application. Create automation flows easily with our objective-based agent prompts, or command the agent to extract or summarize data.

Automatic dataset generation with AI agents.

"Hey agent, find ten schools in Lisbon and fill in {"name": '', "location": ''}".

Our agent can find and summarize data for you with a single command, then notify you when it's done.

Set the task and forget it. Provide an objective and a data specification, and our agent will navigate the web to fulfil it.

Access to the developer platform is included with all medium and large plans on Jsonify.

  • API access
  • Additonal credits per month for development purposes
  • Slack support
  • Personalized onboarding
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